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Farmers vs The Walking Dead

I get asked a lot of interesting questions by all kinds of people about farming, but last week I may have gotten the best one yet.  Tammy Luck of Grown Up, Now What? hit me with a zombie question on … Continue reading

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250 Bushel Soybeans

My parents have an exceptional soybean plant near their house.  This plant is actually on the edge of a neighbor’s corn field and has managed to survive the growing season.  Dad counted the pods on this plant estimating an entire … Continue reading

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The Peterson Bros are Farming and They Grow It

The Peterson brothers have gone viral in a major way with their latest YouTube effort “I’m Farming and I Grow It” which is a parody of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.” The video was posted two days ago, and as … Continue reading

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Quick List: Find Me Everywhere on Social Media!

Obviously if you’re reading this you know about the blog.  Did you know you can subscribe to new posts by email?  Look over there to the right to sign up! Here’s a rundown of all the other places to find … Continue reading

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My Biggest Online Influences of 2011

It hasn’t been quite a year since I started this blog, but it’s close and it’s a new year so what better time to go back and see who I think has helped me get this thing off the ground. … Continue reading

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#Agnerd Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Review

I finally got that new phone you may have heard me talking about.  Farmers are adopting smartphones more and more to stay connected anywhere and any time. If you know anything about smartphones I hope you’re a little jealous that … Continue reading

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What Does an #Agnerd Do on His Lunch Break?

I get out my Droid and catch up on any emails, retweets, etc I may have missed.  Then I scan twitter for any interesting stuff I can comment on, read, or retweet.  Then it’s time for a few rounds of … Continue reading

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