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Handiest Tool in the Shop?

It’s not in any of the toolboxes or cabinets in the shop.  One thing I use all the time around the farm that saves me a lot of time is a simple app on my phone.  It’s a flashlight app … Continue reading

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Smartphone Saga: Gingerbread vs Ice Cream Sandwich

In case you didn’t know I’ve written a couple posts on another blog called The Mobile Farmer.  My first post was about the fact that I was about to be eligible for a phone upgrade at the end of July. … Continue reading

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High Tech Ag is Good for the Earth and the Wallet

I just got done commenting on a post at Blast Magazine entitled “Modern agriculture’s enormous environmental footprint.”  My comment become long enough that I decided to re-post it here on my blog. Judging by the title of the post on … Continue reading

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Greed is Green

Mike Rowe, host of the popular show Dirty Jobs once said,  “Green maybe wasn’t the best color. Seems to me that brown would be better suited. Think about it, everything that’s green starts with something that’s brown, usually dirt. And … Continue reading

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Applying Nitrogen Fertlizer with GPS

I shot another video today for my YouTube channel showing how our guidance system can work with curves as well as straight lines.

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Information Overload

Not just with the farm, but any type of gadget or tech, I always want the newest and the best.  Since I worked off the farm for six years I think I can look at our operation from somewhat of … Continue reading

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Doing more with less

Agriculture often gets a bad reputation for using more fertilizer, more chemicals, more of everything to produce a bigger yield when what is really happening is that research and technology allow us to produce more with less inputs over time.  … Continue reading

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